We’re super-excited to share a great creative chain project with Adobe Design, called #AdobeCreateForward. One artist selects another artist and then creates an illustration inspired by their work. The nominated artist then selects another artist, so the chain keeps moving forward. Fabrizio Lenci (nominated by Camila Rosa, another super-talented Brazilian illustrator) selected Bratislav Milenkovic and created this artwork inspired by his style and approach.

In Fabrizio’s own words… ‘In my piece, inspired by him, I’ve tried to combine both worlds: simple geometric shapes, playful proportions, and some references that I love, like sumo wrestling. Everything done with #adobeillustrator, for sure! Thanks Cami for calling me, and thanks Bratislav for accepting my nomination. I’m looking forward to seeing the next chain link! You can also create a piece inspired by someone you like! Use the hashtag #AdobeCreateForward to share your illustration! Huge thanks Adobe Design for having me in this fun project’.

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