September 9, 2009
By Synergy

Wieden and Kennedy selected Synergy artist Jamie Cullen to join a select list of international image-makers, each with different¬†approaches/styles,¬†to work on the launch of Coca-Cola’s ‘OOH’ 09 campaign. Utilizing the plume concept, as seen in previous ads made famous with the ‘Coke Side of Life’ tag line, the new campaign centres on Coke being the antidote to modern woes with the plume acting as a burst of full blown happiness amidst the modern day woes. Jamie was tasked with visualising the¬†happiness/woe contradiction with Coke as the¬†antidote¬†to dull gloomy weather in one illustration for 6 and 48 sheets posters along with motorway billboards. The campaign has finally gone live so Jamie’s image should be appearing on ad sites worldwide very soon – we haven’t spotted it yet so drop us a mail if you see one!

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